Free Trade Zone

  • Free Trade Warehouse Zones (FTWZ) is a category of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) with clear focus on Trading and Warehousing governed by the SEZ Act and Rules.
  • J-Ark FTWZs are strategically located near major ports, provide excellent connectivity via rail, road, sea and air transport
  • J-Ark currently operates FTWZ with Special Storage areas, Container Yard and Dedicated Customs officials facilitating trade.
  • Chennai FTWZ unit spread across 10,000 Sq.ft. of Racked and Non-Racked Storage,
  • Our Warehouses are Grade A quality, Other than Storage, we support a multitude of VAS –Value Added Services (like Stickering, Labeling, Packing, Repacking, Kitting – CKD, SKD, Piece Picking) as our authorised services.