• J-Ark operates full-fledged transportation services catering to the requirement of Full Truck Load Services across India.
  • The services comprise Primary and Secondary transportation including Milk run deliveries/collections and covering a wide range of vehicles both containerized and non-containerized vehicles.
  • We take pride in providing you a reliable transport solution. This solution not only keeps your businesses running, but also gives you complete control over where your cargo is at all times by providing instant alerts in case of any problems
  • J-Ark offers technology-enabled services, all our vehicles are fitted with GPS that is connected to the Transport Management System to provide an update on Deployment, Transit, and Deliveries to Customers including POD upload in the portal.
  • J-Ark provides comprehensive transportation solutions with an expansive 50-vehicle fleet ready to deliver all types of cargo to the furthest parts of the nation. With authorization for CFS and ICD movement and expertise for OCD cargo, we are your one-stop solution for all transportation needs.